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  • 4 Ways to Prevent Sunburn

    It's mid-January and we are enjoying a fantastic summer in Aotearoa New Zealand. Whilst sunshine is a mood booster, too much exposure can lead to the unpleasant aftermath of sunburn. Here's 4 ways to prevent against sunburn and my personal experience with sun damage.
  • How Often Should You Reapply Sunscreen in NZ

    No matter how high the SPF, any sunscreen should be reapplied regularly  Kia ora fellow sun-worshippers! Whether you're beach-bound in beautiful ...
  • Staying Sun Safe on Lake Taupō This Summer

      Seasick Sunscreen is Now On Board Taxicat Adventures on Lake Taupō The Western Bays of Lake Taupō really is a special place.  From Waterfalls ...
  • How to Choose the Best Sunscreen

    When it comes to choosing the best sunscreen, our zinc-based, waterless formula provides unbeatable sun protection while caring for your skin with naturally-derived, hypoallergenic ingredients. 
  • Why The Best Sunscreen Doesn't Contain Water

    Our Sunscreen is Not Diluted With Water: Here's Why We have removed water and plastic bottles in favour of packaging just the essential ingredien...
  • My Crowdfunding Campaign is Live: Help Nat Move Out of Her Kitchen

    You might have heard through the grapevine that we have  launched our first ever Crowdfunding campaign with PledgeMe! Read on to find out how you can take part.

  • Zinc Sunscreens: How They Work and Why To Use Them

    There are so many types of sunscreen available that choosing one can be seriously confusing. Zinc-based sunscreens have gained significant popularity in recent years. In this blog post, we'll explore how zinc sunscreens work, their advantages over other types, and why you should use them.
  • 4 reasons why people avoid wearing sunscreen

    We dive into the top four reasons people avoid wearing sunscreen.
  • What is Octocrylene and Why We Avoid It In Our Sunscreen

    Studies have shown that chemical UV filters such as octocrylene have been found in a range of marine species worldwide. Read on to find out why else we avoid using octocrylene in our sunscreens. 
  • How I Went From Making Sunscreen at Home to Starting a Sunscreen Revolution

    Nat's story began in a 40 sqm apartment (and an outfit fit for a scene from Breaking Bad back in 2019 when she started making sunscreen in her kitchen. Fast forward to 2023 and Seasick Sunscreen is NZ's only plastic-free sunscreen made with just 7 naturally-derived ingredients. 
  • Finally, A Zinc Sunscreen That Goes on Clear

    one of the longstanding issues with zinc sunscreens has been their notorious white cast...Whilst this might be fine for cricketers and surfers, not everyone wants the ghost look. That's why we have designed a zinc sunscreen that is uniquely formulated to provide the same level of protection without compromising on aesthetics. 
  • Can You Wear Zinc Sunscreen Under Makeup?

    In this blog post we explore how to choose the right sunscreen for wearing under makeup including a handy video on how to apply our sunscreen before your foundation.