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  🐋 How does our sunscreen work?
Seasick contains zinc oxide particles that sit on top of your skin where they bounce back UVA and UVB rays.       Non-nano zinc oxide is the safest UV filter available.
🐋 What is the SPF rating?
SPF 30. Seasick has been tested at Dermatest Lab, Australia's leading sunscreen and skin care evaluation laboratory confirming that the SPF is over 30 and that the product meets both Critical Wavelength, UVAPF and UVAPF/SPF requirements. We are working towards getting our full AS/NZS 2604:2012 certification.
🐋 Who are the bad guys?
Oxybenzone, butylparaben, octinoxate and 4-methylbenzylidene camphor have been shown to cause complete coral bleaching and to disrupt human hormones, even at extremely low concentrations. Nano particles can be absorbed by algae and fish - please avoid sunscreens containing these ingredients!
🐋 How do I use it?
A little goes a long way! Our sunscreen contains no water therefore you only need to use a small amount. Warm a small amount in your palm and spread evenly across your face and body. Reapply as necessary. 
🐋 Sunscreen or sunblock?
There are so many conflicting views on what's a sunscreen and what's a sunblock. What you need to know is the only active ingredient we use is non-nano zinc oxide where it serves as a barrier against the damaging rays of the sun by scattering and reflecting them away from the skin.
🐋 What's the difference between SPF 30 and SPF 50 sunscreen?
When you follow the instructions on the label, SPF30+ filters 96.7% of UV radiation.  SPF50+ filters 98% of UV radiation.  Both SPF30+ and SPF50+ provide excellent protection as long as they are applied properly.
🐋 How do I store it?
Store below 20 degrees and out of direct sunlight. If it melts, it might get a bit messy but it is still entirely safe to use. Seasick has a shelf life of two years.
🐋 What do I do with my tin once I've used it all?
Our aluminium tins are reuseable and/or recyclable. Visit us at one of our market days for a refill (we'll even give you a discount!) or recycle it - please wipe it clean with a paper towel first.