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SPF 40 Mineral Sunscreen

stack of three tins of sunscreen in an open palm with sandy background

Our Labelled SPF is increasing from 30 to SPF 40

Whilst the formulation has not changed, we are increasing the labelled SPF of our Daily Face & Body Sunscreen to SPF 40! You'll see this change roll out as our mineral sunscreen you know and love (but with the new labels!) reach stores near you. 

Why has the SPF of Our Mineral Sunscreen Increased?

Although the SPF test results for our Daily Face & Body Sunscreen back in October 2022 were 44, I originally labelled is as SPF 30. One of the the reasons I made this decision was that many conventional brands failed to meet their labelled SPF when re-tested by Consumer New Zealand (I never want to be one of those brands!). However, after consultation with Cosmetics New Zealand (which we are now a member of), they advised us that we should increase our labelled SPF to SPF 40 since our results were even higher than this.

What Sunscreen SPF is Best?

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) indicates the level of protection a sunscreen provides against UVB rays, the type of radiation responsible for sunburn. The higher the sunscreen SPF, the greater the protection.

For daily use, a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher is recommended.

Sunscreen Formulated by a Fair Skinned Red-Head

woman with orange hair at the beach carrying a beach bag blanket and tin of sunscreen

Kia ora, I'm Nat (that's me in the photo above), founder of Seasick Sunscreen Co. I am a red-headed sun worshipper who loves the outdoors. My fair and eczema-prone skin demands highly effective sun protection, something that conventional sunscreens failed to provide. So, I created my own sunscreen solution!

Why Conventional Sunscreen Brands Don't Work

  • Most sunscreens are made with chemical UV filters and strongly fragranced which can irritate sensitive, eczema-prone skin.
  • Most sunscreens sting your eyes when you sweat or swim (as a diver you want to avoid this at all costs).
  • I wanted to avoid single-use plastic bottles which end up in landfill (they are not recyclable in New Zealand).

The Solution: Seasick Sunscreen

The Daily Face & Body Sunscreen is carefully crafted to offer gentle, yet effective SPF 40 sun protection. It's a product born from necessity, crafted consciously with our environmental impact in mind, and shared with the world in the hope that you, too, will find in it a companion for your daily life. 

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