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The Best Mineral Sunscreen: A Sailors Review

Tara Cooney is a New Zealand based sailor, writer, photographer and current Saltwater Journal Editor-at-Large. Tara has been using our products all summer and has written an article about what to look for when choosing the best sunscreen, the environmental impact of traditional options, and dives into why our mineral sunscreen should be your go for your next sailing adventure! Here's what she had to say...

The Perfect Choice For Environmentally Conscious Sailors

Trying to choose a sunscreen when there are hundreds to choose from can be overwhelming. We all want to buy a sunscreen we can trust is actually going to work and keep our skin from getting burnt, but we also want to choose wisely and minimise our impact on the ocean too, right?

The great news is I’ve found the perfect choice for environmentally conscious sailors like us who want a high-performance sunscreen. I’ve been testing it out and are confident you’ll love this too!

Why sunscreen matters for sailors

All year round, sailing exposes us to prolonged sun exposure, amplified by reflective surfaces like water and white fibreglass decks. Without proper protection, UV radiation can cause sunburn, premature ageing, and increase the risk of skin cancer (especially if sailing regularly in NZ waters!). And, as stewards of the sea, it's our responsibility to prioritise our well-being while minimising our impact on marine life and the health of the ocean.

As sailors, we understand the importance of protecting both our skin and the marine ecosystems we cherish. In our quest for sustainable practices, every choice matters, including the sunscreen we use.

Introducing The Best Sunscreen I’ve Found

Seasick Sunscreen offers a high-performance, mineral sunscreen I can officially declare that I love (I even convinced my teenage daughter to try it — and she came back for more the next day, and is now hooked).

Why? Firstly, it was formulated by a fair-skinned redhead right here in Aotearoa New Zealand so we can be certain it offers a high level of protection that’s perfectly suited to our harsh sun. As an SPF 40 sunscreen made with non-nano zinc oxide (the only active ingredient), it’s gentle on sensitive skin (which is why my daughter loves it), you can wear it on both face and body, and it really works!

I’ve tried this all summer long and can’t fault it. Aside from the benefits to your skin, Seasick Sunscreen is also consciously made, reducing our impact on the environment. It’s a win/win.

It comes in a range of tin sizes — I use my big tin in the morning (when I do my all over face/body slather), and usually throw my small tin in my drybag or beach bag for reapplying later on as needed.

- Article by Tara Cooney of Saltwater Journal

Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

oman with red hair in a sarong sitting on the back of a boat

Kia ora, Nat here, founder of Seasick Sunscreen Co and the redhead mentioned in the article earlier. Fed up with conventional sunscreen brands not working for my fair, sensitive skin, I formulated Seasick Sunscreen in my kitchen 5 years ago.

Big thanks to Tara for writing this article and who's advice and inspiration will set you up for your next sailing journey.

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