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What Makes Our Sunscreen Different

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How is Seasick Sunscreen Different?

Typically, the thought of applying sunscreen brings back childhood memories of a greasy, heavily fragranced lotion that stings your eyes. It leaves a slick residue on your skin and creates an oily film on the water's surface when you swim. This negative experience, coupled with my desire to avoid single-use plastic, inspired me to create a new sun care experience. The result is our concentrated, consciously-made SPF sun balm.

Let’s dive into what exactly sets Seasick Sunscreen apart from the hundreds of other sunscreen brands on the market.

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Balm-like consistency

The consistency of our product is balm-like, rather than a runny, liquid sunscreen. This unique texture not only ensures that you use less product each time, but it also provides a more controlled application. Our sun balm stays where you put it, giving you peace of mind that your skin is thoroughly protected without the mess associated with liquid sunscreens.

⭐️ Whilst the consistency takes a bit of getting used to, our customers find that our sun balm melts on contact with your skin and rubs in much easier than other zinc sunscreens (click on the link, then scroll to the bottom of the page see our many 5-star reviews) ⭐️

Lasts 2-3x longer

Unlike most sunscreens, our products don't contain any water - the concentrated formulas go 2-3x further than a liquid sunscreen. While the consistency might take some getting used to, our customers are amazed at how far one tin of sunscreen goes - it just seems to last and last!

Conscious Packaging

By removing water from our formula, we’ve also eliminated the need for single-use plastic packaging. Our sunscreens come in convenient, compact tins that are infinitely recyclable. This not only reduces the amount of waste entering landfills but also reduces our carbon footprint drastically.

Every aspect of Seasick Sunscreen is driven by an environmentally-conscious mindset, from our carefully chosen ingredients and local production to our FSC-certified shipping containers.

Sunscreen that funds ocean conservation

Founder Nat is a career conservationist and is passionate about protecting the ocean - that's why Seasick Sunscreen Co is a social enterprise. Did you know that every time you purchase a tin of sunscreen, 2% of your purchase is donated to ocean conservation!

No harsh chemicals

Seasick Sunscreen is a win for both your skin and the environment. Our gentle formulations are made with a short list of carefully selected ingredients, ensuring your skin gets the best protection without the heavy use of harsh chemicals. 

Have you tried Seasick Sunscreen?

Share your experience with us in the comments below or leave us a review on our product page 🌞💦🌍

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