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Travel Size Sunscreen

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Avoid messy spills when you travel with our convenient travel size sunscreen tins

Save 10% When You Buy A Sunscreen Travel Bundle

Last year I spent six months backpacking and working remotely, exploring Scotland, France, and Indonesia. But what do you pack for such a long journey with different climates and countries? I have to admit, it was a bit of a struggle, but here’s what I managed to fit into my trusty 50L backpack.

Nat's Ultimate Packing List 🌏

  1. 5x merino underwear and socks
  2. My favourite skirt from Momo Aotearoa
  3. Jandals, sneakers and a pair of Birkenstocks
  4. Solid Oral Care Toothpaste Tabs
  5. Waterless shampoo, conditioner and body wash from Dust & Glow
  6. 70g and a 30g tin of Seasick Sunscreen
  7. 2x shorts and sports tops
  8. 2x bikinis + sarong
  9. My favourite second-hand Patagonia fleece
  10. A bag of chargers, adapters and my laptop (essential for working abroad)

I also took a small daypack filled with all the important items for the plane. The good thing about travelling with waterless cosmetics or cosmetics that are under 100ml is that you can take them in your carry-on luggage without having to worry about them being taken off you at security.

Our Sunscreen Goes 2-3x Further

The great thing about our waterless sunscreen is that it goes 2-3x further than conventional (liquid) sunscreens. Most sunscreens are made with up to 70% water meaning you need to use a lot of product to get adequate protection. How do we know this? Check the back of your sunscreen bottle (or any other liquid cosmetic you have in your bathroom cupboard) and chances are 'Aqua' will be listed as the first ingredient in the list. This is because water is usually the ingredient with the highest concentration in the formula. But, water doesn't add any benefits to your sun care routine. So why use it at all? Simple, water is a cheap filler! It's used to fill up the bottle so consumers think they are getting more product for less money. Water can actually be a problem for skin as it can disrupt the essential substances in a skin's surface layers that keep it healthy.

Our customers are always amazed at how far our product goes making it great value for money.

"I used this sunscreen for 3 months tramping on the Te Araroa Trail. A little bit goes such a long way that one tin lasted me the whole trip. The tin is lightweight making it perfect for a backpack. The best bit is that it doesn't run and sting your eyes when you sweat!

- Lulu, verified customer

Save Space and Money with our Sunscreen Travel Bundle

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Sick of sunscreen bottles bursting in your luggage when you travel? It's time to ditch the bulky plastic bottle and make the switch to sunscreen in a tin. Save 10% when you buy a travel bundle.

Included: 1x 30g tin and 1x 70 tin of our mineral Daily Face & Body sunscreen

Save 10% When You Buy A Sunscreen Travel Bundle

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