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Why The Best Sunscreen Doesn't Contain Water

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Our Sunscreen is Not Diluted With Water: Here's Why

We have removed water and plastic bottles in favour of packaging just the essential ingredients in a plastic-free tin. Our sunscreen is highly concentrated. It doesn’t make sense to pay for water, package it in plastic bottles and use harsh chemicals to preserve it, when you just don't need it. In this article, we explain the reasons why our sunscreen is not diluted with water.

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Water is Used as a Cheap Filler in Conventional Sunscreens

If water isn't needed in the first place, why is it in so many sunscreens? The simple answer is that water is cheap and it fills up the bottle making the consumer thinking they are getting more sunscreen for a lower price. The problem is, water does not provide sun protection so it's just a filler ingredient (fillers are not essential to the active part of a formulation, nor do they make a product perform better).

Less Really is More

The super concentrated Seasick Sunscreen formula means one 70g tin of Seasick Sunscreen is the approximate equivalent to 2x 100ml liquid sunscreen bottles. By switching to Seasick Sunscreen you are saving water, money and plastic bottles. 

What to Look for When Buying a Sunscreen

Water might be labelled as 'aqua' on the ingredients list (sounds fancier than just saying 'water' doesn't it). When researching for this article, I read the ingredient list for a very popular brand of sunscreen. You'll notice that aqua is the first ingredient on the list - this means it is the most common ingredient in this sunscreen! Yup that means you are paying for water that not only does nothing for sun protection but is also free out of the tap. So when buying a sunscreen if you want high protection and good value, look for a sunscreen that lists all of the ingredients on the label and make sure it doesn't contain water.

Our Daily Face and Body Sunscreen is made with just 7 naturally-derived ingredients and yes, you guessed won't find water (or aqua) in our products. You will find the full ingredient list printed around the outside of the tin on the bottom label. 

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