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Customer Question: how to remove sunscreen from your skin

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Removing Our Sunscreen: A Guide For Every Skin Type

A big shoutout to all our amazing customers who’ve been sending in questions about sunscreen SPF and how our products work. Your curiosity and engagement mean the world to me, and I absolutely love hearing from you. Today, I want to address one of my favourite questions asked recently via the website chat box:

%uD83E%uDD14 "what's the best way to clean your face in the evenings when you have your sunscreen on. Specifically thinking of when you might away tramping or camping etc and not necessarily doing the daily beauty regime!" - Nicky


For those of you wanting a quick answer, here is the 'too long didn't read' (TLDR) summary:

Use a face wash (or soap) and water

✅ You can also use a towel to physically remove the product if you don't have a gentle face soap or wash handy

✅  If you have dry skin, you can just leave the sunscreen on as it will soak up the oils

As a keen tramper myself, I was thrilled that Nicky got in touch on behalf of her tramping group to ask how best to remove our sunscreen at the end of a long day of tramping. The answer varies slightly depending on your skin-type so I have given three options with extended answers below.

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Oily Skin: Wash your face using face wash 

Our sunscreen is oil-based meaning the best way to remove it is with a gentle cleanser or soap. I recommend using a waterless face cleanser from Dust and Glow. I love these products as they are specifically formulated for sensitive or allergy-prone skin, offering a gentle cleanse without the plastic, water, or harsh chemicals found in traditional liquid cleansers. They are perfect for tramping as they are lightweight and compact!

If you are short on space and don't want to carry soap and face cleanser, you could just use a little bit of soap to remove your sunscreen, as long as it's a gentle soap that you find is safe to use on your face and skin.

Here's what I take when travelling light...

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Normal Skin: Use a towel to remove our sunscreen

Our sunscreen is more like a balm, providing a protective layer on top of the skin. Whilst most of it will sink in, nourishing and protecting your skin, the zinc and any excess oil will remain on the surface of your skin so you may want to physically remove it at the end of the day by wiping your face with a damp towel.

Dry Skin: No Need to Remove the Sunscreen

I have very dry skin so all the oils are absorbed and I personally don't find the need to remove it at the end of the day. Unlike most chemical sunscreens, the only active ingredients in our mineral sunscreen is non-nano zinc oxide. This is perfectly safe for your skin and body so doesn't need removing as it is unlikely to cause any irritation (chemical UV filters such as oxybenzone are what cause most sunscreen skin reactions).

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