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  • SPF 40 Mineral Sunscreen

    While the formulation has not changed, we are increasing the labelled SPF of our Daily Face & Body Sunscreen to SPF 40! You'll see this change roll out as our mineral sunscreen you know and love (but with new labels) reach stores near you.
  • Why Even Sunscreen Users Get Burned on Ski Trips

    Having just spent a week snowboarding and seeing some of the worst sunburn I have ever witnessed in my life, I thought it would be a good time to share some tips about sun safety for the snow including explaining why even sunscreen users get burnt on ski trips.
  • Why Your Morning Skincare Routine Should Include Sunscreen SPF

    As Winter approaches you might be pushing the sunscreen to the back of the bathroom cupboard where it will be forgotten about until next summer...But, I am here to tell you why applying SPF should be an essential part of your morning skincare routine, regardless of the weather outside.
  • Sunscreen SPF: why brands are failing to meet their SPF claims

    With the new Sunscreen Safety standard coming into effect in Aotearoa New Zealand earlier this year, other companies are likely to be fined for failing SPF results. We explain why this is happening and what we are doing to ensure we always meet our labelled SPF.
  • Should You Wear Sunscreen in Winter?

    Every winter the half used bottles of sunscreen get shoved to the back of the bathroom cupboard or forgotten about at the bottom of your beach bag. Should we be wearing sunscreen in winter? If so, what is the best sunscreen SPF and why is it important? Read on to find out why...