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When Should I Wear Sunscreen in New Zealand?

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Avoid skin damage by wearing sunscreen in Autumn and Winter

The short answer is yes, you need to wear sunscreen year-round in Aotearoa New Zealand due to the high intensity of our UV rays. Even in Autumn and Winter. 

On Thursday March 16th between 11:30-3:30 the UV index was between 6-8 which is categorised as High (Niwa, Today's UV Index). According to Dr Richard McKenzie, a NIWA scientist, "when the UV index is 3 that means, for a fair-skinned person, about an hour before you get skin damageIf the UV index is twice as big – 6, it's going to be half an hour, 12, [it's going to be] quarter of an hour" (RNZ 2018).

As a fair-skinned redhead, I know for a fact that I would be beetroot red after 30 mins to one hour outside on an Autumn day like today (March 16th 2023, UV index 6-8). 

How Much Sunscreen Do You Need

Conventional sunscreens have a LOT of water in them so you need to apply at least 1 tsp per body part to get adequate coverage. Seasick Sunscreen contains no water so a little bit goes a long way. We recommend starting with a good pea-sized blog for your face and going from there. 

How Often Should Your Reapply Sunscreen

This really depends on your own skin tone and what you are doing - for example are you swimming lots and then towel drying? If so then you should reapply more often. It is recommended to reapply all types of sunscreen every 2 hours however, this is unlikely to actually happen, especially in Autumn and Winter. If you are like me, I apply sunscreen first thing in the morning, sometimes under makeup and then go about my busy day....If I am lucky, I will reapply sunscreen to my face, neck and shoulders when sitting outside at lunch time or in the afternoon on a sunny day. 

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