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Why Do My Kids Hate Wearing Sunscreen?

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Why children hate sunscreen

As a fair-skinned redhead who spent a lot of time on and in the water as a child, I had to wear a lot of sunscreen. I hated applying it though and would do just about anything to avoid putting it on resulting in very bad sunburn, painful blisters and lots of peeling. As an adult, I work outside a lot so still need to wear sunscreen daily. Eczema runs in my family so many of the children are unable to wear conventional sunscreens. That is one of the key reasons why Seasick Sunscreen was born!

We know it can be a real battle getting children to wear sunscreen. We asked a bunch of kids and their parents why this was the case and here's what they said:

  1. Sunscreen smells bad
  2. It runs and stings my eyes when I swim
  3. It hurts my eczema 
  4. Sunscreen is sticky and feels gross
  5. When I wear it I get burnt anyway

But with the highest rate of melanoma in the world, wearing sunscreen is an absolute must for kiwi kids.

Which is the best sunscreen for children?

A boy wearing sunglasses applying sunscreen to his body, laying on a blue towel

Getting your kids to wear sunscreen doesn't have to be a painful experience! Here's what our customers with children say about Seasick Sunscreen:

  1. My kids are happy wearing it because it doesn't smell like sunscreen!
  2. They can jump straight in the water without it running and stinging my eyes
  3. This is the only sunscreen my child with eczema can wear without irritation
  4. It lasts for ages and we have never been burnt when wearing Seasick Sunscreen
  5. It feels like a moisturiser 

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Remember sunscreen is just one form of protection against the sun - children (and adults!) should cover up by wearing a hat, sunnies, a rash top and stay out of the sun between 11-1pm. 

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