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sunscreen, our environment and the seasick solution

63% of ingredients found in conventional sunscreens are harmful for humans or the environment

Seasick was born out of our desire to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals and plastic entering our oceans. Protecting the environment is at the heart of what we do - that's why we take a holistic approach to sustainability. By using our product you are...
Saving water
Up to 70% of a chemical sunscreen is water. Counter-intuitive? Yes, water is a precious resource and that's why Seasick Sunscreen doesn't contain any! This also means a little goes a long way. 
Saying no to plastic!
Plastic is choking our oceans. Given up plastic bags and straws? ... Let us help you make your skincare more sustainable! Our aluminium tins are reusable or recyclable, our labels are made of paper and we ship online orders in home-compostable (certified) packaging. We're using aluminium tins for now, but are fully committed to finding a home-compostable alternative. The sustainability journey is a work-in-progress for us all.
Refusing palm oil 
The demand for palm oil from the cosmetics industry is destroying our rainforests. That's why we are and always will be palm oil free. 
Supporting Kiwi business
Thanks for supporting a Welly-based business rather than an international corporation! At Seasick caring for our environment and local community is at the heart of everything we do.