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Sunscreen and Chemists NZ: A Buying Guide

Sara's Recommendation: Mineral Sunscreen Advice from Waihi Beach Chemist

I spoke to Sara, the pharmacist from Waihi Beach Chemist, about what she looks for in a sunscreen. Specifically, as a pharmacist who has kids with sensitive skin and eczema, what does she recommend to her customers? Here's what she said...

  1. Mineral sunscreens are better than chemical sunscreens as they are gentle on eczema and sensitive skin.
  2. She looks for a sunscreen that doesn’t leave the skin shiny or a white cast.
  3. Convenient and practical packaging to avoid messy spills and leaks is a must!


What Sara loves about Seasick Sunscreen is that:

  1. The only active UV filter is non-nano zinc oxide (making it a mineral sunscreen) that's safe for eczema and sensitive skin. 
  2. It rubs in well so no greasy feel or a white cast.
  3. The compact tins are convenient for school bags!

📍 Seasick Sunscreen is now available in Waihi Beach Chemist and Wellworks Pharmacy in Wellington. If you are a pharmacist or you would like to see our products stocked in your local chemist then please get in touch.

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