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Plastic Free July: Our Top Picks

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Plastic Free July is a great way to inspire people to make simple swaps to more sustainable products. However just because something is plastic free doesn't necessarily make it more sustainable and a better option for the planet.  That's why we have put together a list of our favourite plastic-free products that truly are more sustainable.

Remember, the most sustainable option is the one you already have. This means not going out and buying a bunch of new, plastic free products just because it's plastic free July. Instead, use July as the month where you consider which products you can swap to after getting the most out of what you are already using and wait until you actually need to replace something before purchasing it. 

Our favourite swaps this Plastic Free July

Swap your plastic razor for a Caliwoods sustainable safety razor 

Take your low-waste bathroom routine to the next level with this plastic-free alternative.

Price: $42

So worth the investment as it lasts for ages (basically forever if you take care of it, you just replace the stainless stainless steel blades as needed). Products that last longer use less resources and are less likely to need replacing making them more sustainable. 

Swap your plastic bottle of liquid shampoo for a solid shampoo bar by Ethique

We tried quite a few of Ethique's shampoo bars before falling head (with perfectly washed hair) over heels for the Pinkalicious shampoo bar which lathers really well and makes your hair super soft.

Price: $22

Ethique uses sustainable ingredients and their packaging is home compostable. Switch from bottle to bar and you’re not only ditching plastic, but also saving water since their products are water-free.

Make the swap from dairy yoghurt in plastic containers to coconut yoghurt by Raglan Food Co

This dairy-free coconut yoghurt is the best and they have some great recipes on their website (I can personally vouch for their kumara chocolate brownie recipe, yum!)

Price: $14

Okay so $14 is a LOT for 700ml of yoghurt BUT I find you need way less of it (on your cereal or in a smoothie for example) to get a really rich creamy flavour so the jar lasts longer than regular yoghurt which is quite watery. Not only does it taste great but eating less dairy is a necessary shift for the wellbeing of the planet and an essential part of solving climate change.

Swap from toothpaste in a single-use plastic tube to plastic free (and refillable) toothpaste by Solid Oral Care 

Strawberry is my favourite flavour but everything these guys make is great. And yes it contains fluoride (thankfully fluoride is crucial for dental health!)

Price: $12.90/jar

A little bit of toothpaste goes a really long way meaning you use less (and smile more hehe). Solid Oral have invented the first ever toothpaste refill machine and they take back your glass jars keeping them in circulation rather than just recycling them (which is still quite resource intensive).

Swap from dishwashing liquid in a plastic bottle to wetsuit lube by Octacle

I have recently started freediving and won't use anything else to get my suit on than Octacle's incredible wetsuit lube made from seaweed as it's really gentle on my sensitive skin.

Price: $39.99

Conventionally, freedivers use dishwashing liquid and soap to get into their suits which ends up in the water where it can be harmful to fish and other marine life. Octacle is made with naturally-derived ingredients that are safe for the ocean. One of my favourite things about Octacle's sustainable practices is that they sell dented tins at a reduced price so they don't go to waste! 

#maketheswitch from liquid sunscreen in a plastic bottle to plastic free sunscreen by Seasick Sunscreen Co

Okay okay, we might be biased but our plastic free sunscreen definitely makes our list of Plastic Free July favourites! While we may be coming into the coldest and darkest months in NZ, the sun's UV rays still reach high enough levels to cause skin damage even during winter. Dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen on your face, neck, hands and other parts of the body exposed to the sun every day even in winter in New Zealand.

Price: $19.99 - $57.50

Conventional sunscreens are packaged in single-use plastic bottles that are difficult if not impossible to recycle. Plastic production uses a lot of resources and has a large carbon footprint, not to mention plastic breaks down into micro-plastics that can end up polluting the waterways and ocean. That's why we package our products in aluminium tins (infinitely recyclable) and have a 100% plastic-free shipping policy.

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 plastic free tin of sunscreen on sandy beach with blue and white background and text either side 

Are we missing a great plastic-free tip from our list of favourites? Leave a comment or email us and we will add it to the list! 

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