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Staying Sun Safe on Lake Taupō This Summer


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Seasick Sunscreen is Now On Board Taxicat Adventures on Lake Taupō

The Western Bays of Lake Taupō really is a special place.  From Waterfalls that tumble into the lake, towering cliffs plummeting down into water hundreds of feet deep to secluded sandy bays, along with some of the purest water you will find.  

Ian and his wife Jill, owners of Taxicat Adventures, have lived in Taupō for more than 20 years. I joined the Taxicat crew out on Lake Taupō for the Western Bays Taster, Let’s Chase Waterfalls experience. On board we had a lovely family from Germany with their young baby. Ian taught us all about the geology of the area and got us up close and personal with a waterfall (AKA very wet haha!)


You’ll find Seasick Sunscreen on board all of Taxicat Adventures boats. We also have a special discount code which gives you 5% off your trip with Taxicat.


Discount code: SEASICK5 5% 

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Here’s why wearing sunscreen is even more important when heading out for a day on the water:

Reflection from Water

Water is a highly reflective surface, bouncing back up to 80% of the sun's rays. This means that even if you're sitting in the shade of the boat's canopy, you can still be exposed to harmful UV radiation from the water's surface. Sunscreen acts as a barrier, preventing these rays from penetrating your skin and causing damage.

Unpredictable Weather Conditions

A day that starts with clear skies might turn into a cloudy or overcast afternoon. Despite the cloud cover, UV rays can still penetrate through, posing a risk to unprotected skin. 

Wind and Water Resistance

Seasick Sunscreen is specifically designed for water activities. Given the constant movement and potential splashes on a boat, choosing a water-resistant sunscreen ensures that you stay protected in and on the water.

Enhanced Risk for Children

Children have particularly sun sensitive skin and are often more susceptible to the harmful effects of UV radiation. Taxicat Adventures are suitable for the whole family and so is Seasick Sunscreen.

Comprehensive Protection

A good sunscreen not only guards against UVB rays, responsible for sunburn, but also shields against UVA rays that penetrate deeper into the skin, causing premature aging. Seasick Sunscreen is a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) to ensure comprehensive protection on the water.


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