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Our Sunscreen: Ocean Conservation and How Your Purchase Helps

seasick sunscreen co our reef safe sunscreen supports marine and freshwater conservation

2% of our revenue annually is donated to local ocean conservation initiatives

Your purchase helps to support ocean conservation and education! Did you know 2% of our revenue is donated to local ocean conservation initiatives? Read on to learn more about the awesome kaupapa we support and how you can help.

Over 15,000 marine species have been identified in New Zealand waters but scientists estimate that there may be as many as 65,000 species. The ocean is our best defence against climate change so protecting it and all the weird and wonderful creatures that call the ocean home is what we are all about!

Love Rimurimu

Seasick Sunscreen Co supports ocean conservation by donating 2% of revenue to support ocean conservation initiatives such as Love Rimurimu 

Imagine the Blue Belt of Wellington sustaining a healthy and vibrant ocean forest; able to absorb more carbon than trees, improving water quality and providing habitat for thousands of marine creatures. Regenerating our seaweed forests is a way to make this a reality - and it’s what this project is all about.
Every time you purchase a tin of our sunscreen, a donation is made to support the establishment of the seaweed nursery which is a crucial part of the regeneration process.
Seasick Sunscreen Co donations are supporting Love Rimurimu to establish a seaweed nursery on Wellington's South Coast
Photo credit: Love Rimurimu, sourced from Love Rimurimu instagram
What the team at Love Rimurimu has to say:
" We love being outdoors and getting some good ol' Vitamin D, but we hate the idea that the slippery white stuff we put on to keep us safe is making our oceans sick. The sad truth is that the majority of our sunscreens are filled with chemicals that harm our precious sea life. We love our friends at Seasick for giving us a better option."
Find out more about this awesome kaupapa here:

Other ways you can create positive impact

Take Action

Take action in your community by organising a beach clean up, or better still write a letter to your local MP advocating a ban on all toxic chemicals commonly in sunscreens.  You can also help us spread the word by following us on social media and sharing our posts and telling your friends and family. 

Carbon Offset

Seasick Sunscreen Co. taking climate action by supporting Carbon Click
CarbonClick's carbon offsets help neutralise the carbon emissions from your purchase. Your contribution helps funds forest restoration, tree planting, and renewable energy projects that fight climate change. All it takes is a single click at the checkout.

Help us Increase Our Impact

Seasick Sunscreen Co eco-friendly sunscreen supports ocean conservation
Check out our products and join our sustainability mission!  By choosing to support a more sustainable business, consumers can help to support a whole chain of positive social and environmental effects! Did we mention our sunscreen is also plastic free!

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