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How Often Should You Reapply Sunscreen in NZ

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No matter how high the SPF, any sunscreen should be reapplied regularly 

Kia ora fellow sun-worshippers! Whether you're beach-bound in beautiful Aotearoa or heading back to work, sunscreen is your best buddy in the battle against harsh UV rays. But hey, there's a golden rule: slip, slop slap and then forget? Not quite!

How often should you reapply sunscreen

Sunscreen isn't a once-a-day thing. It needs reapplying and touch-ups to keep you shielded all day long.

Experts recommend reapplying sunscreen in NZ at least every two hours. But, if you're having a pool or beach day, sweating it out, or engaging in water sports, the clock's ticking a bit faster. You'll want to consider reapplying every 40-80 minutes to keep your SPF protection going strong.

No matter how high the SPF, any sunscreen should be reapplied regularly – every two hours you're in the sun. No sunscreen blocks 100 percent of UV rays.

- Consumer New Zealand, Sunscreen Buying Guide, Dec 2023

Oh, and let's not forget the sneaky UV rays that love to play peekaboo through windows and clouds, even in New Zealand! Yep, up to 80% of UV rays make it through the clouds! So, even if you're indoors (especially when driving!) or it's a cloudy day reapply SPF every couple of hours to ensure your skin stays protected.

Sunscreen can dwindle due to sweat, rubbing, or just the passage of time. So, that's why it's crucial to keep the reapplication ritual going strong. Opt for a broad-spectrum natural sunscreen to shield against both UVA and UVB rays. Whilst wearing makeup over natural sunscreen is OK, you'll want to pat, not rub, that fresh layer on top to keep the protection intact.

Sunscreen Fact

Did you know that Seasick Sunscreen was one of only 30 brands in NZ that provided Consumer NZ with evidence of the AS/NZ 2604:2021 compliance report? Consumer NZ has compiled a sunscreen database to help you decide which sunscreen to buy.

TL;DR: When in doubt, reapply that natural sunscreen! Set those reminders, keep that SPF close, and remember—the more often, the merrier when it comes to staying protected in New Zealand.

So, there you have it, keep SPF going strong, do the things you love and let your skin thank you.

Stay sun-safe and keep shining ☀️

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  • I appreciate your insight. But, online sources suggest reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours. Would this timing change depending on where I am and the weather conditions?


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