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How Long Seasick Sunscreen Lasts

Woman applying sunscreen to her arm on the beach

Seasick Sunscreen goes 2-3 times further than conventional sunscreen

'How long does Seasick Sunscreen last' and 'why are your tins of sunscreen so small' are questions I get asked a lot. So I put it to the test recently by running an experiment while on holiday in Rarotonga. Here’s what I found...

When developing this sunscreen formula, we ran some tests and estimated that the 70g tin is enough for approximately 100 face applications and the 140g tin is enough for around 200 face applications. However, it’s a bit harder to work out how long it lasts when talking about full body application as everyone applies sunscreen differently and we all have bodies of varying shapes and sizes.

For those of you who know me, I have very fair skin and burn easily. So I need to wear plenty of sunscreen; especially while on holiday where we spent all of our time outside swimming, snorkelling, tramping, cycling and reading books in the sun.

I decided to track my sunscreen applications to see how far one 70g tin of our new Daily Face and Body Sunscreen goes when applying to my full body (173cm tall).

By using Seasick Sunscreen you use 65% less than conventional sunscreens

I got 24 full body applications out of just one tin and my friend used it on her face, shoulders and tattoos regularly as well. This works out to be about 2.5 tsp for full body application. To put this into perspective, you are supposed to apply 7 tsp of conventional sunscreens per application! By using Seasick Sunscreen you are using 65% less sunscreen meaning even a 70g tin lasts ages.

Did you know chemical sunscreens are up to 70% water.

The large amount of water in conventional (or chemical) sunscreens is why they are most often sold in big squeezy bottles of 200ml+. This is why they appear to be cheaper, even though they aren’t great value for money as you use way more of it. This also means a lot of plastic waste as sunscreen bottles are difficult if not impossible to recycle. Plastic production has a huge carbon footprint (150g of carbon dioxide released just to make one 25g plastic bottle) which is why we do not use plastic bottles, labels or plastic shipping material. 

Because our product is plastic-free and displaces products in a very waste heavy industry, we are doing good simply by selling plastic-free sunscreen! 

Seasick Sunscreen Expiry Date

Like most sunscreens, we recommend using it up within 2 years of manufacture. The best before date is printed on the tin.

What do I with my tin when I run out?

Our plastic free sunscreen tins are infinitely recyclable. Wipe it clean with a paper towel and pop into your recycling. Otherwise you can up-cycle our tins into plant pots, a safe place to store your headphones, a container for loose change, a candle holder and many more. Send us your best ideas for up-cycling our sunscreen tins and we will feature you on our social media!

It's not a competition but if it was... tell us how long your tin of Seasick Sunscreen has lasted in the comments below! 

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