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My Crowdfunding Campaign is Live: Help Nat Move Out of Her Kitchen

woman with orange hair holds tin of sunscreen at the camera with ocean in background

You might have heard through the grapevine...or Jesse Mulligan on RNZ, or NZ Herald, or Te Ao, or... well, you get the point...that we are running our first ever Crowdfunding campaign with PledgeMe and we are all very excited about it.

When: My Campaign is live now

Why: I need your help so I can increase Seasick Sunscreen’s social and environmental impact by upscaling sunscreen production from 100kg to 350 kg with a manufacturer…otherwise, I’m stuck making the sunscreen myself, in my kitchen and won’t be able to meet demand (our customers are asking for more than double what we are currently producing).

What: we will be offering a bunch of sweet rewards such as sunscreen subscriptions and family sunscreen packs exclusively as part of our campaign to crowdfund $20,000!

How To Take Part

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  • Interested in hearing more about this +good luck

  • Great to see that production of this excellent environmentally friendly sunscreen will be available to ever increasing markets .
    Good luck with the crowd funding, count me in !


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