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What's Different About Our New Sunscreen Formula

two tins of Seasick Sunscreen on a sandy beach next to a log

We recently launched a new Daily Face and Body Sunscreen

What makes our new Daily Face and Body Sunscreen different (and better) than our original formulation?

First things first...why did we feel the need to replace the much loved original formulation? We have met and talked to so many of our customers over the last three years and have re-designed a new sunscreen that takes the best features of the original formula and combined with your greatest desires

 Here's what's new:

  • This sunscreen has a really lightweight feel making it more suitable for everyday use (rather than just wearing it at the beach). It has a non-greasy feel and can be worn under makeup.
  • Incredibly smooth and creamy (no separating or grittiness). We replaced the raw shea butter with a liquid shea which has solved the problem with the sunscreen separating over time (especially if you left a tin over winter or unused for long periods).
  • It is a vegan sunscreen. The original formula was made with raw NZ beeswax and whilst we loved working with this product we wanted to give a vegan sunscreen a go!
  • Now made with just 7 ingredients
  • Some of the 70g tins are cream - this is due to a supplier issue and we hope all of our tins will be returning to silver in the future.

Here's what's the same (and still awesome):

  • This sunscreen is safe for kids and people with sensitive skin
  • Packaged in a recyclable tin with paper labels
  • Your purchase gives back as we donate 2% of our revenue to ocean conservation
  • We carefully select each of our ingredients with the aim of keeping it as simple and close to nature as possible.

Our Sunscreen No Worry Guarantee

We have no doubt you and your family will love our new sunscreen. But if you don't, we will give you your money back. What have you got to lose! Give our natural sunscreen a try today.
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