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Help Nat Move Out of Her Kitchen and Into a Factory: Our First Crowdfunding Campaign is LIVE

A reminder of what we do 

Unhappy with the long list of unnecessary ingredients and plastic packaging found in conventional sunscreens, I  started making sunscreen out of my kitchen in Wellington back in 2019. Since then, demand has quickly outgrown my ability to make enough sunscreen! 

Why we’re crowdfunding 

PledgeMe helps people fund things they care about. I need your help so I can increase Seasick Sunscreen’s social and environmental impact by upscaling sunscreen production from 100kg to 350 kg with a manufacturer…otherwise, I’m stuck making the sunscreen myself, in my kitchen and won’t be able to meet demand (our customers are asking for more than double what we are currently producing).

In the Media

Here's what people are saying about our campaign...

Te Ao Māori News: Māori conservationist seeks international expansion for eco sunscreen products

NZ Herald: Eco warrior Natalie Jones hopes crowdfunding will expand her Seasick sustainable sunscreen

NZ Business: Conservationist crowdfunds sustainable sunscreen

We need your help

Our campaign is live!

We’re raising a minimum of $20,000 NZD. If we don’t hit this minimum, we won’t raise a cent – it’s all or nothing! Every pledge helps, no matter how big all small. 

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