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  • How to Protect Your Skin While Skiing

    Bluebird days, decent snow and spas on a mountain-top. Spring might just be the best time to Ski in NZ. But how can you protect your skin from sunburn while skiing?
  • Can You Recycle Plastic Sunscreen Bottles?

    Technically some plastic sunscreen bottles can be recycled. But is that the best way to deal with plastic waste? We think not, that's why our sunscreen is plastic free.
  • Should You Wear Sunscreen in Winter?

    Every winter the half used bottles of sunscreen get shoved to the back of the bathroom cupboard or forgotten about at the bottom of your beach bag. Should we be wearing sunscreen in winter? If so, what is the best sunscreen SPF and why is it important? Read on to find out why...
  • Ethically Kate's favourite sustainable sunscreen brands

    Ethically Kate is a bit of a superstar in the sustainability when we heard she had listed our very own sunscreen as one of her "favourite sustainable sunscreen brands" in her recent blog, we did a little happy dance before shouting from the rooftops "WE'VE MADE IT BIG TIME!"
  • What Our Customers Say About Our Sunscreen

    There are hundreds of sunscreens to choose from - so how do you know which ones truly work and which ones you can trust? Here's what some of our real life customers have to say about our natural sunscreen..
  • Reef safe sunscreen: false claims and certifications explained

    Even if a sunscreen is labeled as "reef safe", there's no guarantee that it actually won't harm the corals, fish and other marine life. We explain reef safe false claims and Haereticus Labs independent Land and Sea certification.
  • Three must have eco-friendly travel essentials for your next trip

    We all know about the standard eco-friendly travel essentials (reusable cutlery, a keep-cup and a bamboo toothbrush) but can you guess what 3 essentials our eco-conscious travel writer says she can't leave home without? Read on to learn how these three eco-friendly essentials can help you make your travel more sustainable.
  • Ocean Impact: How Your Sunscreen Purchase Helps

    Your purchase helps to support ocean conservation and education! Did you know 2% of our revenue is donated to local ocean conservation initiatives? Read on to learn more about the awesome kaupapa we support and how you can help.
  • Seasick Sunscreen is NZ owned and operated

    Seasick Sunscreen is an environmentally conscious brand of sunscreen made in New Zealand. Developed by an environmental scientist, our ingredients have been carefully selected to protect both people and planet. We are so proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and operated.
  • User Guide: How to choose a sunscreen in NZ

      There are lots of things to consider when choosing an effective, high quality sunscreen in NZ. We've given you a short answer and full explanat...
  • Sunscreen is Your Defence Against Ageing

    I ask my Mother about sunscreen use, ageing and what my skin is in for. I was shocked to hear about the irreversible skin damage she has developed as a result of the many years neglecting to protect her skin.
  • The difference between sunscreen, sunblock and suncream

    Is sunblock, suncream or sunscreen better? Is there a difference at all? Which term most accurately describes the protection you are getting? The terms sunscreen, sunblock and suncream are often used interchangeably. But do they actually mean the same thing? The answer might surprise you!