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Why should I buy NZ made sunscreen?

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 7 Reasons to buy NZ made sunscreen

Did you know that every time you make a purchase from a small business you make the owner do a little happy dance? That's because your business means the world to us! 

Here's 7 reasons to buy NZ made 

~ Support the local economy ~

Keeps money in the local economy, creates local jobs, builds a resilient marketplace and greater self-sufficiency.

~ More sustainable ~

Locally made products usually have a smaller carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emissions) due to lower energy consumption used to transport products from overseas

~ Fair Labour ~

NZ made products are made by people earning fair wages, working in good conditions.

~ Small businesses employ lots of people ~

Small businesses of less than 20 employees make up 97% of all businesses and employ 29% of workers in New Zealand.

~ Good customer service ~

New Zealand companies are generally supportive and happy to help. If you’re a local, when you have a problem or something doesn’t fit, it is as easy as giving us a quick phone call and you’ll talk to a real person who will be happy to provide advice and support.

~ Business for people and the planet, not just profit ~

Many kiwi businesses do business that is for people and the planet not just for profit. When you buy Seasick Sunscreen for example, you are also supporting ocean conservation as 2% of our revenue (not profit) is donated to charities working hard to restore and protect marine ecosystems. Click here to learn more about our chosen charities and the great work they are doing.

~ Personal Touch ~

Buy local and get to meet your producer! Go down to the Farmer’s or craft Market and chance are you'll get to have a kōrero with the people who lovingly create the products and services that you need. Most small business owners are passionate about the problem that their product or service solves i.e stopping ocean pollution from sunscreen chemicals and plastic bottles. This makes for great conversation and you might just learn something new too!

The story behind our NZ made sunblock

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Kia ora, my name is Natalie. I’m a passionate conservationist and I am the Founder of Seasick Sunscreen Co. By buying our product, you are not only supporting a local business but you are supporting our vision of a healthy ocean, free of pollution from plastic sunscreen bottles and harmful chemicals. Sometimes shopping plastic free can be difficult and time consuming - I wanted to make that option easy for you the next time you purchase sunscreen! Conventional sunscreen often stings sensitive skin, causes nasty skin irritation and runs into eyes when you sweat or swim (for more info on this, read our blog on sunscreen for sensitive skin). I wanted a product that’s safe for both my body and the environment.
There are loads of other great nz made businesses out there. Some of our favourites are:
There are some great social accounts and online platforms you can follow to stay up to date with NZ made brands too:

Other ways you can help small NZ businesses

~ Leave a good review ~
Reviews are one of the most important features new customers look at when deciding to purchase a product. By leaving a review for a brand you like, you’ll encourage others to give their products a go too. It would mean so much to us if you could please write us a good review here.
~Tag us on social media when you use our product~
Tagging a brand on your social media means we can reach a wider audience. If you love our product, why not share the aroha with your friends and whānau! Our social media handle is seasicksunscreenco on Instagram and Facebook.


Aotearoa New Zealand is full of creative and talented entrepreneurs so why not support local! In the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, it is local business that will provide the backbone to supporting and recreating our vibrant communities and it is our small to medium businesses that are our nation's top employers and we need to support them to keep operating in order to keep our local economies going. So the next time you need sunscreen, choose our nz made sunscreen and I promise I will do a little happy dance!

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  • I love meeting the makers at local
    Markets. That’s my number one reason for buying nz made!


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