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What Our Customers Say About Our Sunscreen

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Which Sunscreen Can You Trust?

There are hundreds of sunscreens to choose from - so how do you know which ones truly work and which ones you can trust? We've compiled a bunch of sunscreen reviews that have been posted by our customers on our website, google, social media and by some of our favourite bloggers.

Here's what our customers have to say about our natural sunscreen

Seasick Sunscreen review loved by surfers


Great family friendly product, 5 stars
Jess on Dec 15 2022
“Being pregnant, it’s now more important to me than ever to ensure what I’m using on my skin is gentle, effective and safe for myself and my baby. I love that Seasick only uses naturally-derived ingredients like Coconut Oil, which is super hydrating on the bump! It is easy to apply and a summer staple for myself and my growing family.”
Awesome product, 5 stars
Viki Moore on Aug 05, 2022

I've just taken some Seasick Sunscreen up to Fiji and absolutely love it. It feels more like a moisturiser than a sunscreen, it leaves your skin feeling soft and protected, not all greasy like other sunscreens. I love the plastic-free packaging and the fact that it is safe on the coral and sea-life. A brilliant product.
Great for sensitive skin, 5 stars
Jessica on Jun 09, 2022
I have very sensitive skin and this is one of the only sunscreens that I can use without getting a reaction. It’s great being able to use a product that only has a few ingredients (all of which I know) on my baby’s skin too.
Learn more about how our sunscreen for sensitive skin works
We love our Seasick Sunscreen! 5 stars
Amy M on Jun 01, 2022
My skincare therapist has always told me how important it is to use sunscreen on the daily, and I'm finally listening. I have been using seasick sunscreen for a while and it's now a part of my daily routine. It feels great on, and you only need such a small amount, to get good coverage. I ended up buying a second tin for the kids to use daily too. I love that it doesn't trigger their eczema in any way (sunscreen has been the worst in the past for triggering it) and they can put it on themselves. 
Kahlier R. Hart recommends Seasick Sunscreen Co.
Jan 30th 2021
My partner and I love this sunscreen. He, being on the lighter side, uses it when he goes out for a surf and other outdoor activities. Whilst I, being more melanin rich, use it as a lotion. Simply love how it feels on my skin. 
Dylan Steeples recommends Seasick Sunscreen Co.
Jan 23rd 2021
I started using Seasick for my long summer training runs. I found other blocks would sweat off after the first five minutes. Not Seasick - I can do a 2-3 hour run, sweat like crazy then jump in the ocean to cool of and this block stays on my skin through it all. Perfect block if you’re active and my family
loves it too for hanging at the beach. Give it a try, you won’t go back!

Seasick Sunscreen in the media

Seasick Sunscreen review recommended by Jasmin Johnson

Ethically Kate named our product as one of her favourite sustainable sunscreens in a recent blog post

Jasmin Johnson, inspiring people in imperfect conscious living said "I've been using Seasick on my face and I love it! It feels super nice and I haven't gotten burnt despite having really fair skin."

Eco-blogger, Juliet Dale put our eco-friendly sunscreen to the test up against eight other brands. Read the full blog here.

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  • My husband has really sensitive skin and we struggle to find sunscreen he can wear. This product has been amazing. He hasn’t had any reactions and it actually feels really nice to wear. We wear sunscreen everyday as we are often outside with work, so it’s also super handy not to have a separate face and body sunscreen. And of course, buying NZ made is always a big positive!


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