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Seasick Sunscreen: Behind the Scenes



Watch our video for more behind the scenes action

On a glorious Wellington afternoon, the team at Seasick Sunscreen Co headed down to Oriental Bay for a photoshoot in preparation for the launch of our new Daily Face and Body Sunscreen. We met with the talented Sarah Booher from SJ Creative. Sarah is a Wellington photographer and the absolute legend that did our first ever photoshoot and helped get Seasick Sunscreen off the ground in the early days. She lives in Lyall Bay with her beautiful dog Rimu (photo below). Sarah works with "businesses doing good in Aotearoa" and has worked with some of our favourite businesses such as Reusabowl, Mevo and Little Yellow Bird.

Seasick Sunscreen Co and Sarah Jean Creative

Photographer Sarah Booher and pup Rimu

My beautiful friend Lulu agreed to model for me (thanks Lulu!). All of my friends have been such big supporters of my business; volunteering to test out new products, purchasing my sunscreen for their friends and family...Lulu will even be taking it the length of Aotearoa as she walks the Te Araroa Trail this summer. I wrote about one of our eco-friendly tramping adventures in a blog post recently.

 Seasick Sunscreen support crew making sunscreen NZ dreams come true

From left to right: Dad, Mum, Founder Nat (me) and friend Lulu

Of course, my parents came along too. They have been huge supporters of Seasick Sunscreen since day one - helping with everything from market days to labelling tins to running around finding bits of driftwood and shells to use as props for the shoot.

The shoot was so much fun and I felt incredibly proud seeing my new product in action. We chose Oriental Bay in Te Whanganui-a-Tara/Wellington for its golden sand and clear blue waters that match the colours in the labels beautifully. Afterwards we celebrated under the sun with mimosas and cake at one of my favourite local cafes, Beach Babylon - being your own boss does have its perks occasionally!

Seasick Sunscreen founder Natalie Jones celebrating the launch of the new daily face and body sunscreen

Founder Nat enjoying a post-shoot mimosa

It is an amazing feeling seeing all your hard work come to fruition - none of which would be possible without the constant support and aroha of the many people who have helped me along the way. The list of people to thank is so incredibly long, but special thanks to: Sarah, Lulu, Mum & Dad, Jacob, Ness & B, Britt, Saara, Amy, Kōkiri whānau, James, Richard Lawrence, Malcolm and many many more!

Seasick Sunscreen Daily Face and Body

Seasick Sunscreen vegan face and body sunscreen nz

This gentle formulation delivers SPF certified broad spectrum protection, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and nurtured. Our new and improved formula is lightweight, suitable for daily use and won’t give you chemical induced irritations or sting your eyes. It is also a vegan sunscreen.

What's different about the new sunscreen

We have listened to feedback from our customers over the last three years and have incorporated this into the new product. The main difference is that this formula is a bit thinner, making it easier to apply and is made with vegan plant wax.

This is the best sunscreen for your face

This sunscreen is super lightweight and non-greasy making it the perfect face sunscreen. It's also SPF 30 which is what is recommended for daily use in NZ (SPF 15 is not enough!).

Our sunscreen meets the new NZ Sunscreen Regulations

Our Daily Face and Body Sunscreen has been independently tested in 2022 to meet the New Zealand Sunscreen Standard (AS/NZS 2604:2021) by Eurofins Dermatest in Australia. Eurofins Dermatest is a trusted provider of sunscreen and skin care product evaluation services and is  the same lab that does the Consumer NZ testing!


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